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Block B`s Jaehyo was Being Interrogated in Movie [Along with the Gods] Rendition by His Members


| 25 Jan, 2018

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His members weren't about to let him go that easily. 

Block B appeared on Mnet's 'IDOLity' and did a rendition of the recent blockbuster film, 'Along with the Gods.' Zico took on the role as the king of the underworld, Park Kyung and B-bomb as judges, U-kwon, Taeil and P.O as grim reapers, lastly Jaehyo as the offender.  Taking on different roles as of the film, the boys started their interrogated with a flustered Jaehyo. 

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screenshot

The judges debated Jaehyo's identity whether is he an idol or a gamer while his responsible grim reapers defended his passion as an idol. 

Watch their hilarious debate in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] M2

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