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Block B`s Park Kyung Carefully Opened up about the Sensitive Issue: Celebrities` Mental Hardship


| 23 Jan, 2018

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Park Kyung of Block B talked about the mental struggles which some celebrities suffers from. 

It's not a secret anymore that behind all the glamorous life of a celebrity, there is often a dark side that endanger mental health. The idol revealed the sensitive topic through an interview he recently had with BBC Korea. The idol said, "A lot of celebrities did not know how hard it is to debut. Once they debut, they realize later that every move and every word they say is being observed so they become cautious and lose their freedom."

Park Kyung then revealed that he thinks it's hard for celebrities to deal with their emotions. He explained, "Because they deal with people, either to communicate or perform, they don't have many opportunities to express how they really feel, since their job requires them to hide their emotions."

Not only that, the idol also said that basically being a celebrity is a hard thing. "I think being an entertainer is an uncertain job, You start living your life with anxiety right after debut, I can feel the weight of life more and more each day and I always live worrying about future and the next plan," he said.

Before the interview ended, Park Kyung shared how he deals with the stress he sometimes receives. He said, "I think it will get better if I could let go some huge burdens in my life.  I think that helped me a lot."

Source: [Youtube] Amanda Hensem 

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