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Bought 1000 Seats in Total, Lee Dongwook Watched the Winter Paralympic Games with His Fans


| 17 Mar, 2018

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Lee Dongwook spent a good time at the Paralympic games with 1000 lucky fans.

Lee Dongwook is currently the ambassador for '2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics' as well as for 'Gangwon Tourism.' He held his fan meeting, 'GO Pyeongchang 2018 with Lee Dongwook' at Gangwondo's Gangleung Art Center on March 13th with 1000 lucky fans.

Image Source: KING KONG

At the end of the fan meeting, Lee Dongwook invited all of his fans who was there to a watch game of Ice Hockey that happened on the same day at 7pm, with the tickets he bought on his own account before the fan meeting.

Image Source: a comma 

It must have been a memorable experience for him and his fans! 

Source: [Youtube] Ming On Film

Thumbnail Credit: amoaofmaple, hologram

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