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CEO of [Big Issue] Thanked Kai Once Again at a Meeting for the Remarkable Sales He Brought in


| 12 Jul, 2018

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Kai’s impressive sale record was being highlighted at ‘Big Issue’ internal meeting recently.

It has been shared that ‘Big Issue’s CEO mentioned Kai, who brought in an unbelievable sale at their recent meeting.

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Shared by a fan’s friend who was in the meeting that Kai’s issue had to be reprinted 4 times. He also mentioned how he was thankful towards EXO fans and that he would have been grateful if the issue was able to sell about 5,000 copies. Instead, about 70,000~80,000 issue was being sold when Kai was the cover for it.

Image Source: Big Issue

He added that the biggest advertisement support was birthday advertisements from fan clubs and showed the birthday advertisement of Suho during the meeting. 

Source: [Youtube] My Kainat

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