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CNBLUE`s Jungshin Expressed Frustation Towards `Fans` Violating His Privacy


| 27 Apr, 2018

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CNBLUE's Jungshin has recently expressed his frustration towards sasaeng fans who keep invading his privacy.

He took to his Twitter and tweeted, "Isn't it illegal to buy flight information... Did you need to do this far? Both the buyer and the seller." He continued, "I really really hate saying stuff like this but please do not touch my flight info and my other personal information."

Image Source: Twitter '@MentalShin' Screenshot

It was later revealed that sasaeng fans have paid for some money to be able to get Jungshin's flight and personal information. They do this in order to be able to be on a same flight with the star.

Source: [Youtube] Happy JungShin

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