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Celebrating f(x)`s 9th Debut Anniversary, Amber Left a Heart Touching Message to Fans


|  5 Sep, 2018

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Yes, it has been 9 years since f(x) debut in 2009. 

On September 5th, Amber took to her Instagram and uploaded a photo of f(x) to celebrate the group's debut anniversary. Along with the photo, Amber wrote in the caption, "9YEARS!!! Love and miss these girls. Thank MeU for always being amazing! Always know the girls and I are always doing our best for you guys and we always know you guys are doing the same. Never give up! Love ya!" Amber also wrote in Korean and Chinese. 

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In the photo, the four current f(x) members catch up together at a what-seems-to-be backstage. Looking at their hairstyle, fans believe that the photo has been taken not long time ago. 

The latest release of f(x) is '4 Walls' back in October 2015. It has been almost 3 years for MeU (fans of the group) waiting for the group's comeback -- and, unfortunately, it seems like fans have to wait even more, according to SM Entertainment's '2018 Release Pipeline.'

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN & [Instagram] ajol_llama

Thumbnail Credit: Channel CJ, Instagram '@ajol_llama'

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