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Chanyeol Shared a Never-Heard Song... Fans Believe It`s a Spoiler for EXO`s Comeback


| 13 Jul, 2018

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This might be what EXO's comeback song sounds like. 

On July 13th, Chanyeol took to his Instagram and uploaded a clip which quickly garnered fans' attention. In the short video, fans can hear a new song played at the group's concert venue. Fans are thinking that its the comeback song. However, nothing has been confirmed about this, Chanyeol also did not write any caption for the video. 

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The song has the lyrics translated to, "No matter what people say just be yourself, just do what you really want. Sweet heart, sweet heart."

What do you think about this? Do you 

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN & [Instagram] real__pcy

Thumbnail Credit: COOKIEBUTTER, Kpop Profiles

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