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D.O Did Not Expect to Be Film When He was Trying to Sneak a Grape... Here`s How He Reacted


| 12 Jul, 2018

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D.O was caught secretly having a grape.

EXO was in Japan for their fan meeting in 2016 when the boys were playing games with the grapes provided.

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His members were talking when he thought that no attention would be on him. Therefore, he decided that it was a good time to help himself with a grape.

Image Source: Instagram 'exopium' Screenshot 

The moment the cameraman caught him on camera, D.O froze with the grape in his mouth, trying not to move at all while stealing glances at the camera.

Watch more interesting moments from the fan meeting in the video above!  

Source: [Youtube] FC Chanyeol HappyVirus

Thumbnail Credit: DO your BEST, Sabor a D.O.

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