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D.O was Asked Why He Doesn`t Seem Like He has Any Intention of Separating His Idol-Self in His Acting Works... His Answer will Make You Cry


|  6 Dec, 2018

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D.O is EXO, EXO is D.O.

D.O took on the cover of the recent December issue of 'High Cut' with his fellow movie casts from 'Swing Kids.' Other than the talk about the movie and his role in the production, D.O was asked regarding his idol-self and actor-self too. 

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The question in the interview went, "It isn't EXO's prime promotion time currently. Even though you are actually promoting with your real name(as an actor) as compared to other actor-dol, you don't seem to have the intention of erasing the self you have as an idol. Is that because of the confidence you have in your acting?" 

Image Source: Twitter 'wallnuut' 

This was how the EXO member responded. He went, "Why do I need to do that? I had never thought that there's a need to erase it up till now. Just, I, myself is EXO right now though." 

A respond oh so true. 

Source: [Youtube] Mein Kleiner Boy

Thumbnail Credit: 로로드롭, ALLURE

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