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Debuted 4 Times, Highlight`s Kikwang Shared the Emotions He Felt on Highlight`s First Concert


|  7 Nov, 2017

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Kikwang shared the feelings he felt during their first concert as 'Highlight.'

In a heart to heart sharing interview, Kikwang who debuted as 'AJ' before his debut in 'BEAST,' later debuting as solo artist, 'Lee Kikwang' and currently in 'Highlight,' shared his deepest feelings after the many things that happened. 

The group faced reformation yet stood by each other's side and made a new journey as 5 in their new company. Coming back to their fans with the new name, 'Highlight,' Kikwang said, "I really felt emotional on the first day we had our concert with the name 'Highlight.'" 

Image Source: Youtube 'sellev.' Screenshot

He explained, "To still have so many fans loving and support our music and stage despite so many things that happened, I am still not able to forget the cheers and chants from that time."

Watch the clip above to know more! 

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Source: [Youtube] sellev.

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