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Despite His Recent Detainment in Jakarta, Lee Jongsuk Decides to Continue His Fan Meeting in the Philippines


| 14 Nov, 2018

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Lee Jongsuk has decided to go for his Asia fan meeting tour. 

As previously reported, Lee Jongsuk has been recently involved in an immigration problem in Jakarta, Indonesia, after holding his fan meeting. The actor was detained at the airport after it was judged that he got some visa problem. Even though the problem seems to have been solved, a lot of fans were worried that the actor might change his mind about holding fan meetings outside Korea. 

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Image Source: TV REPORT

Fortunately, according to various sources, Lee Jongsuk will proceed with his Asia fan meeting tour as it was planned. He will hold the 'Crank Up' fan meeting in Manila, the Philippines on November 18th at Araneta Coliseum. Local fans have been anticipating much for Lee Jongsuk's upcoming visitation to the country.

Source: [Youtube] pulpliveworld

Thumbnail Credit: YNK Entertainment, 한국일보

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