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Despite His Small Physique, SEVENTEEN`s Woozi Proved How He Has the Authority in the Group Through a Group Tease Recently


| 25 Sep, 2018

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All it took was a word from Woozi.

SEVENTEEN was recently in Singapore for their concert 'Ideal Cut' in the country on September 21st. The boys were as usual at their playful self and went on with their routine of teasing Woozi by surrounding him during their stage with the song 'Healing.' 

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Despite his smaller or in fact, the smallest physique in the group, Woozi is one of the oldest in the group. On this day, with his members grouped up on him and teasing him, Woozi let himself be in the circle before going "Stop!" 

Image Source: Youtube 'KOREAIDOL 2018' Screenshot

That immediately broke the circle around him made by his members. Also, the thing is no one dared to lay another finger on him after that. Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] KOREAIDOL 2018

Thumbnail Credit: mintbreeze

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