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Despite the Wealth He has, TVXQ`s Yunho Revealed Why He Doesn`t Invest in Buildings


| 20 Aug, 2018

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Yunho has a bigger dream he wishes to achieve.

On ‘Dunia,’ Kwon Hyunbin carefully asked the great senior in the industry especially in terms of being an idol, TVXQ’s Yunho about the way he handles his wealth.

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Hyunbin asked, “I am not sure if I can ask you this but honestly, you have earned a lot. Many singers invest in buildings to be prepared financially and compared to the wealth you have, your lifestyle is humble.”

Image Source: 두니아 

To this, Yunho responded that “I actually have a dream. I do find this embarrassing and cringe too but I would like to establish a school for music. With that, the culture in our country would be able to grow stronger. It’s a foolish thought I have.”

We know that nothing near foolish but simply amazing. 

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

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