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Director of [Train to Busan] Shared Why a Stand-in Couldn`t Be Used for Gong Yoo`s Last Struggling Scene in the Movie


| 15 Sep, 2018

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Gong Yoo did the action scenes himself. 

Director Yeon Sangho who is the mastermind behind the blockbuster film 'Train to Busan' appeared on the talk show 'Movie Room' along with Sohee who appeared in the film too. The director surprised everyone about how Gong Yoo was just ordinary to him when he first saw him but immediately turned into a Gong Yoo-holic when they started working together.

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The director shared that "Even with him just ending a call looked cool and then I felt that he had another face as an actor." He was later being reminded at the last train struggling scene and shared that "Yes, that was a tough one. It wasn't a set but a real train and at the last moment, the weather was really hot and the floor felt like fire plates. With it being able to show his face clearly, we just went ahead (without a stand-in). There were many NGs taken."

Image Source: Youtube 'JTBC Entertainment' Screenshot 

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

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