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Dispatch Wrote an Article about WINNER`s Mino Following a 19+ Account, Fans are Not Sure How to React to It


| 10 Jul, 2018

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Mino has currently become a hot topic among fans both inside and outside South Korea.

Unfortunately, this time, the idol has become a hot topic, for no good reason. The WINNER member has quickly garnered people's attention after Dispatch released an article about the idol following a 19+ account on Instagram. Mino was revealed to follow an account named @prettypuke. The account is managed by famous photographer Miller Rodriguez. Miller Rodriguez himself is an artist who has previously worked with YG Entertainment. 

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Image Source: Dispatch

In fact, it has been quite some time for Mino to follow the account. Fans believe that Mino follows the account only because he likes the account's post in an artistic point of view. It's unclear why Dispatch decided to bring up the point now. Mino is now trending worldwide on Twitter because of this issue. 

What are your thoughts on this, people?

Source: [Youtube] 비몽

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@prettypuke,' BLACK MUSE

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