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Drama [What`s Wrong with Secretary Kim] Allegedly Involved in a Plagiarism, tvN Responds


/ 7 Jun, 2018

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People are pointing fingers for that the drama likely to plagiarize the concept for one of their posters. 

It was a poster where Park Seojoon and Park Minyoung sitting on a stair, smiling to the camera with pink cotton candy on their hands. While it's all adorable, Netizens have now doubted the originality of the concept. It turned out that similar concept has been once used for a photo shoot of fashion magazine 'GLAMOUR.' Many say that it's quite hard to say that it's just a coincidence since the elements in the photo -- including the cotton candy, the actors' pose, Park Minyoung's dress color' -- are simply the same. 

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Image Source: tvN

Following the accusations, tvN has announced, "First of all, it's not the main poster, it's only an online poster. It's an homage we gave to a reference. We'll be more careful next time." 

What do you think about this? Do you think it's a plagiarism or an homage?

Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA 

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, GLAMOUR 

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