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Dua Lipa Said There`s a Possibility for BLACKPINK to Be Featured in the Music Video of Their Collaboration


| 10 Oct, 2018

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BLACKPINK might be in Dua Lipa's upcoming music video! 

As previously reported, Dua Lipa's collaboration with BLACKPINK has been confirmed. They will work together for 'Kiss and Make up,' a track from Dua Lipa's deluxe album which is set to be released on October 19th. Not only that they work together for the recording, but it seems like BLACKPINK might also be featured in the music video! 

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Image Source: Youtube 'BLACKPINK UPDATE' Screenshot

On one recent interview, Dua Lipa revealed more about the highly-anticipated collaboration. When asked about how the collaboration happened, the singer explained that it was all happened by chance, after Jennie and Lisa came to her concert. She revealed that the two idols have also helped her in translating the lyrics into Korean. One of the MC then asked her, "Will there be a music video with BLACKPINK?" in which she replied, "Possibly."

Check out the video above to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] BLACKPINK UPDATE

Thumbnail Credit: GQ, Getty Image 'Pascal Le Segretain'

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