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ELFs Can`t Handle How Super Junior Members Actually were Off-Camera at Ryeowook`s Discharge


| 12 Jul, 2018

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Ryeowook’s hyungs want to capture this memorable moment too. 

Ryeowook completed his military service and was officially discharged on July. Fans, as well as his Super Junior members, were there to witness this important moment together.

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In news pictures, we were able to see how the members welcomed Ryeowook back and stood together with him in front of their fans. However, what made ELFs laugh hard was an off-camera picture of the hyungs, trying to take pictures too, with their phone.

Image Source: Twitter 'goldsuju'

ELFs left hilarious comments such as “Why does it feel like a show-and-tell where your parents come over to your school and take pictures of you?” and “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

Welcome back once again, Ryeowook!

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

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