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EXID`s Hani Explains What Super Junior`s Kim Heechul Really Means to Her


| 20 Apr, 2018

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EXID's Hani honestly talked about Super Junior's Kim Heechul.

Hani came as one of the guests on the April 19th episode of tvN's 'Life Bar.' During the show, Jang Doyeon pointed out Heechul and Hani's close friendship and said, "Hani saved Heechul as 'Daddy Long Legs' on her phone." Everyone was surprised at the refreshing nickname Hani gave to Heechul.

To this, Hani explained, "Him Heechul is my Daddy Long Legs." She continued, "He's a very grateful person to me. He doesn't help me with material but he often stays beside me when I have hard times."

Kim Joonhyun then said, "I heard you guys watch movies and go out to eat too." Shin Dongyup teasingly said to Heechul, "You intentionally reveals many of your female friends to prevent dating news, aren't you?" Hani chimed in, "You used me, didn't you?"

Source: [Youtube] tvN

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