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EXID`s Hani Impressed with Her Way of Protecting Herself from Unnecessary Exposure at a Recent Stage


|  6 May, 2018

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Her pants were too short and here’s what she did.

EXID recently performed at the Seoul City Hall Plaza Concert on May 3rd. On this day, the girls performed their iconic ‘Up and Down’ release that has been known for its sexy choreography.

They were in shorts and Hani could be seen wearing a pair of safety pants underneath too. However, Hani may still have felt that it was too short because this was what she did at the point of their choreography that focus on their butt. 

Upon reaching that part of the choreography, Hani took off her oversized jacket before letting it fall off her shoulders slightly, just enough to cover her butt. 

Image Source: Youtube 'smile -wA-' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] smile -wA-

Thumbnail Credit: ahnhani.com, dafttaengk

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