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EXID`s Hyerin Left Everyone Impressed with the Hilarious But Effective Way She Eats Seaweed with Rice, You Might Want to Learn It


| 24 Oct, 2018

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You didn't think of that but Hyerin did.

Hyerin went on food variety show titled 'Gourmet Idol' and the casts of the show who go around discovering nice food places to introduce to viewers. Hyerin might look small in size but her appetite sure isn't what her size says. On top of that, the way she eats will sure make you feel hungry too.

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In one of the episode, including Hyerin, the casts visited a 'Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice)' restaurant and the place served seaweed along as a side dish for the customers. Upon dishing onto the well-mixed Bibimbap, viewers were caught by surprise with the way Hyelin ate her mouth of the rice with a piece of seaweed.

Having the seaweed placed in front of her mouth, she pushed the spoon of rice into her mouth which allowed the seaweed to sit in perfectly. Usually, the common way would be to place the seaweed on top of the rice and often, the seaweed would fall off before it could make its way in. 

Watch the moment in the Instagram post right above! 

Source: [Youtube] M2 & [Instagram] babyhyelin

Thumbnail Credit: 'Instagram' babyhyelin, Are you hungry? 

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