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EXO`s Chanyeol Shares a Private Chat with His Sister... Fans are Loving the Siblings


| 16 Apr, 2018

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Park Chanyeol and Park Yoora are two adorable siblings everyone will fall in love with.

On April 15th, Chanyeol took his Instagram and shared a screenshot of his private chat with older sister Park Yoora, with a caption 'Ideal brother and sister.' Park Yoora sent a photo of their "contract" from 2007, when Chanyeol was no more than 14 years old (international age).

The contract reads,

Park Chanyeol sold the PMP for KRW 190,000 and from the revenue, KRW 90,000 won will be paid to Park Yoora. KRW 80,000 must be fully paid before November 31st. For the rest, there will be an interest of KRW 1,000 per day.

November 16th 2007

Both Chanyeol and his sister also signed on their "formal" contract. Aren't they just cute as ever?

Source: [Youtube] Cjen Lu

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