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EXO`s Lay Caught Spying on His Fans in a Group Chat... It`s Adorable as EVER


/ 17 Apr, 2018

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EXO's Lay might be the cutest idol... Ever.

On April 16th, he updated his Weibo with a clip, showing how he stalked(?) to his fans in a group chat. It turned out that Lay entered the chat room because his boss wanted to know more about the idol's precious fans. 

Image Source: Youtube 'xingnee таня долгушева' Screenshot

In the clip, Lay said, "Hello, I just looked at you like this. I really didn't know why I joined in just now. And I also didn't know where I joined." He continued, "Looks like you miss me very much. I also miss you all. I really don't know what I should read." As you can see it, the chats from fans didn't stop and it's indeed hard for Lay -- and for anyone, basically -- to read them one by one.

Check out the video above to find out more!

Thank you for the tip, Althea Claire Asentista!

Source: [Youtube] xingnee таня долгушева

Thumbnail Credit: Tarro, EXOYEAH

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