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EXOLs Said They Found D.O in a New Trailer of [Along with the Gods 2]... The Idol to Be Probably Featured in the Film


| 13 Jul, 2018

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Fans believe that D.O will take part in the film 'Along with the Gods 2.'

As you might have known, the second season of the sequel will hit theaters starting this August. Ahead of the premiere, various teasers, including posters and videos, have been released. The most recent trailer, though, has garnered attention the most, for featuring a young man who looks like no other than D.O!

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D.O himself had his role as private Won Dongyeon. His role was not that big but indeed important to the whole story. 

Image Source: The Qoo

There has not been any confirmation about D.O taking a role in the second sequel of the film but fans have all been sure that the idol will. Fans claim that the young man sitting in the back (you can watch the trailer above from 0:20 mark) is none other but D.O.

Image Source: Youtube '셋하나둘' Screenshot

Well, it seems like we have to wait for a little bit more to be sure whether or not D.O will be starred in the second season of the film.

Source: [Youtube] 셋하나둘

Thumbnail Credit: 바다,소리, Youtube '셋하나둘' Screenshot

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