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Even If You aren`t a Fan of Stray Kids, You Can`t Help But to Find Felix and Bangchan`s Album Promoting Speech Hilarious


/ 26 May, 2018

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Time limit makes them nervous...And album promotion gets weird because of that. 

Stray Kids guested on KBS' 'K-RUSH 3' on its May 18th's episode. The boys were given 1 minute each to promote their album and Bangchan was first in line. 

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Upon retrieving the album from the MC, Bangchan introduced himself in 3 languages in a real rush hilariously mixing up his name in Japanese and in English before handing it over to Felix who started introducing their album in English. Felix just blurted out that "You can get it on our website..." when Bangchan questioned, "We have a website?"

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot 

He immediately went over it by saying, "Yes! I think so..." before continuing with "We have a CD! (Bangchan: We have a CD?) and we have photo cards!" which Seungjun can't help but emphasized that they are "baby baby baby photo cards!" 

We DID NOT know that an album had a CD in it, thanks Felix. Watch the moment at the 3:21 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV

Thumbnail Credit: LEPOLEM

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