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Everyone is Jealous of This Fangirl for Making a Contact with Wanna One`s Kang Daniel


|  6 Jul, 2018

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The fangirl managed to make a contact with Kang Daniel and all the other fans are jealous mealous.

On July 5th, Wanna One performed at the 'M! Countdown' in Taipei. Wanna One performed several of their songs, including their latest release 'Light.' Not only performing on the stage, the boys also went around the stage and interacted with fans. Kang Daniel, though, has made everyone's heart weak with what he did to this one fangirl. 

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Image Source: NEOMA

Kang Daniel went to the edge of the stage and he kneeled down. He then reached the fan's hand so that they could make a contact. The sweet moment has been captured and the photos have now been circulating on various online communities. Several comments found on the web read, "This fan is lucky for God's sake", "Look at how she held Daniel's hand, she is cute", "Kang Daniel knows the best how to treat fans well", "I wish I were her", and more. 

Meanwhile, you can watch Wanna One performing 'Light' at the 'M! Countdown' in Taipei above. 

Source: [Youtube] 林小宏

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@danik_center,' NEOMA

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