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Everyone is Talking about Red Velvet`s Wendy... For Her Perfect Abs (20 Photos)


|  8 Oct, 2018

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Red Velvet's Wendy dazzled fans with her toned abs. 

On October 6th, Red Velvet came to perform at the 'Gangnam Festival.' On the night, Red Velvet performed three of their hits: 'Power Up,' 'Bad Boy,' and 'Red Flavor.' Among all, Wendy's stage outfit has garnered attention the most, as it revealed her toned abs and "ant waist." Fans showered her with praise since she looks not only skinny but healthily skinny as you can definitely see some of her abs muscles. 

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You can see several of her photos below and her fancam above.

Image Source: As tagged, Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Source: [Youtube] 비몽

Thumbnail Credit: Fantasy Blue, AURORA

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