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Fans Couldn`t Help But Laugh Sadly After Chen Teased with One Particular Gesture at Their Recent Concert


| 13 Jun, 2018

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Chen is such a huge tease. 

EXO CBX members just ended their Japanese promotions with their concert, ‘Magical Circus’ on June  8th. 

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Chen left the line formation that was form as part of the choreography for their song, ‘The One’ to do his line. It was at this moment when he teasingly smiled as he had his hand on the bottom of his T-shirt and made a gesture as if he was going to pull it up. 

Image Source: Youtube 'shalex vinesScreenshot 

In the end, fans laughed over the false hope that was given by him. Watch the moment at the 9:11 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] shalex vines

Thumbnail Credit: 아스트라이아, 쿠잉 첸

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