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Fans Felt That SEVENTEEN`s Wonwoo Deserves a Acting Role as a Bad Guy and Here`s Why


/ 25 Mar, 2018

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Wonwoo would totally fit a bad guy role with this impromptu acting he did on a past show appearance. 

On SEVENTEEN's 'Star Show 360,' Wonwoo and former IOI member, Sohye acted out a scene as a couple with the SEVENTEEN member as a boyfriend who is a playboy. 

Sohye, the girlfriend: "Who is she?"

Wonwoo, the playboy boyfriend: "She? My girlfriend."

Sohye: "Then what about me?"

Wonwoo: "You are also my girlfriend, of course."

Sohye: "Are you joking?"

Wonwoo: "Do I look like I am joking? If you don't like it, leave."

Sohye: "You are suppose to say that you are sorry at times like this."

Wonwoo: "I have never said the word 'sorry' before in my life."

Image Source: Youtube '겸댕' Screenshot

Not only fans, the MCs and his members were feeling goosebumps up their sleeves as they witnessed this scene before them. 

Watch the scene in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 겸댕

Thumbnail Credit: saint, summer walk 

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