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Fans Once Again Talk about INFINITE Sungjong and Song Hyekyo`s Resemblance After the Idol Posted a New Photo of Him


| 14 Sep, 2018

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The talk about INFINITE Sungjong and actress Song Hyekyo's resemblance has resurfaced yet again. 

Fans have started to talk the talk after Sungjong took to his Instagram on September 13th and uploaded a selfie he took with fellow member Kim Sunggyu. In the photo, Sungjong shows his side profile, while smiling to the camera. Fans claim that his resemblance to the top actress is indeed not a joke. 

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In fact, it's not the first time fans said that Sungjong is a lookalike of Song Hyekyo. It was all started when INFINITE came as a guest on 'SNL Korea,' where Sungjong impersonated Song Hyekyo for the show's skit.

Image Source: KBS, tvN

Do you think that Sungjong resembles Song Hyekyo much, people?

Source: [Youtube] tvN & [Instagram] ssongjjong.ifnt

Thumbnail Credit: NINE STARS, Sulhwasoo

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