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Fans Realized the Common Word Highlight`s Yoseob Uses When His Members Lose Focus


| 17 Apr, 2018

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Sometimes, Yoseob needs to pull back his members' mind that seems to have flew off somewhere else.

Highlight members recently guested on a radio show, 'Yoseob's Dreaming Radio' that Yoseob was hosting as a DJ. They came to a topic about diet and Yoseob was trying to explain how a healthy diet is always better than a diet that is being forced when he saw something amiss from his members. The members were wearing an expressionless look and Yoseob knew that they were not listening to him.

As soon as he went "Everyone?" his members hurriedly assured him that "I am listening!" 

Image Source: Youtube '요를레이' Screenshot

This exact same thing happened in a past radio show too. Yoseob was explaining himself when his members were letting out bits and pieces of laughter while some responded with just "hmmm...." Yoseob called out his members, "Everyone... Are you sleepy...!" and immediately got a huge "Wahhh!" respond from them. 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 요를레이

Thumbnail Credit: The One, Sseul

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