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Fans Said That INFINITE`s L is All Handsome... Here`s How He Responded


/  8 Jun, 2018

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Here's how L respond when fans say that he is handsome. 

During one of his way home from his schedule, INFINITE's L has shown his pure reaction when fans said that he is handsome. At that time, L -- together with Sungjong -- greeted fans before they really bid goodbye. Seeing the idol in person, fans screamed and said that he has a handsome face.

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Image Source: Youtube '흥' Screenshot

As soon as L heard the praise, he brightly smiled and thanked fans for the words. L did not feel awkward with the praise and he kept saying thank you to fans. Well, it seems like L himself knows that he is indeed handsome, right? Watch the fancam above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] 

Thumbnail Credit: madeinL.com, The Qoo

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