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Fans Sang Along B2ST`s Song During a Live Radio Broadcast, They Made Highlight`s Yang Yoseob Emotional


| 19 Sep, 2018

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Yang Yoseob was being emotional while fans sang along B2ST's song.

During the September 5th airing of MBC's radio broadcast 'Yang Yoseob's Dreaming Radio,' a song of B2ST, '12:30,' was added to the playlist. At the day, fans flocked to the studio to show their support to the idol. As soon as the song was played, fans chanted together and sang along the song. Yang Yoseob, who found it a little bit later, was surprised and he showed his warmest smile ever. 

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After the song ended, Yang Yoseob said to the listeners, "People, I was surprised. You all listened to B2ST's '12:30,' but people came to the garden suddenly sang along the song. I thought that there was an error about that. I listened to all of your voices." Yoseob then joked around with the fans by saying that they did not sing the song well. 

Image Source: Youtube '하이파이브' Screenshot

Yang Yoseob concluded, "You all really came. I was so touched. Thank you, everyone."

Source: [Youtube] 하이파이브

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@ys900105_kr,' Cube Entertainment

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