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Fans Suspect This News Reporter as a Big Fan of Jung Haein... For the Headline She Made for the Actor


| 17 Apr, 2018

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It seems like Jung Haein can hypnotize everyone, including this news reporter.

On April 17th, an article of Jung Haein was uploaded to NAVER Entertainment, an online portal for entertainment news in Korea. As soon as it was uploaded, the article gained a lot of attention, simply because of the headline. The title of the article is translated to "Jung Haein from 'Pretty Noona,' a Little Brother You Want to Give a Cake."

Image Source: NAVER TV 연예

It's not a secret that Jung Haein is currently one of the most beloved actors in Korea. He is climbing to the top with his various dramas. His recent dramas made it big; including 'Prison Playbook' as well as 'While You were Sleeping.'

So, would you like to buy Jung Haein a cake?

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@holyhaein'

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