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Fans Taken Aback with Red Velvet`s Seulgi`s New Hair at the Most Recent Event... They are Smelling a New Release Soon


|  4 Oct, 2018

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Seulgi turned blonde.

Red Velvet was one of the performing groups at the Asia Song Festival that took place on October 3rd. The girls made their entrance with an intro for 'Power Up' as they were being raised up by a stage lift and Seulgi took every single fan that was at the venue as well as fans who were streaming through V live by a huge surprise. 

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She was still in dark-colored hair just the previous week and no one would have expected the drastic change to a bright blonde.

Image Source: as tagged in pictures 

However, the surprise was more than welcome with fans totally loving it and mentioned that it actually reminded them of Red Velvet's 'Ice Cream Cake' era.

Image Source: Red Velvet 

Also, knowing the protocol well enough, fans were to quick smell a comeback. What do you think?

Source: [Youtube] Spinel CAM
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