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Fans Think ASTRO Members are Skinny Because They Maintain Diet... Their Real Eating Portion will Shock You


|  1 Feb, 2018

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The boys indeed have huge appetite. 

ASTRO members might look skinny but that simply does not mean that they cannot eat well. While fans thought that the boys purposely control their weight by eating less, ASTRO's meal portion proves them all wrong. 

Image Source: Youtube '아스트로비디오방' Screenshot

As you can see in the video above, the members basically just don't care about the calories intake to their body. They even don't care about eating high-calories snacks, such as spicy rice cakes, sandwich, ice cream, and more. They even eat well during their music video filming break! It seems like the boys just cannot gain weight easily, no matter how much they eat. 

Source: [Youtube] 아스트로비디오방

Thumbnail Credit: ALCONG DALCONG

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