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Fans and Non-Fans Flood iKON [I`m Ok] Comments Section with Their Stories... The Song is Definitely Beyond Just Entertainment


| 10 Jan

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iKON's new release is not only for the sake of entertainment. 

Released on January 7th, iKON's 'I'm OK' has garnered much love from fans all around the world. People love the song for its addictive melody, dramatic choreography, as well beautiful lyrics. The song tells a story about a man who does not need anyone to console him for his problem. As can be interpreted not only for love story, broader listeners get interested in the song. 

Currently, a lot of fans share their story on the comment section of the video on Youtube. The comment section on Youtube became a place for anyone with personal struggles to share and encourage each other. They found that the song is relatable, even when talking not about a love story. 

Image Source: Youtube 'iKON'

What do you think about this, people? 

Thank you for the tips, @JYJiKON and @shudbenonames!

Source: [Youtube] iKON

Thumbnail Credit: 스포츠동아, STAYTRUE

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