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Fans are Concerned for VIXX N`s Health After Seeing How He Keeps Losing His Weight


| 12 Jul, 2018

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Fans are no longer able to see his chubby cheeks.

VIXX's N has revealed that he has lost a total of 8kg from his strict diet. However, it turned out that he has not yet done with his diet. According to fans, the idol has lost another kilogram, making him look even much skinnier. While there is nothing wrong with losing weight, fans seem to start thinking that N looked a bit gaunt.

Image Source: song_for_CHA

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Image Source: you N me

During his latest performance, his jaw and chin appear to be even sharper, his face thinner, and his waist smaller -- making fans worry. Some believe that N lost weight for aesthetic reasons but many fans say that he doesn't even need it since he is just simply handsome regardless.

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

What do you think about this, people?

Source: [Youtube] KAI TAEYIN

Thumbnail Credit: HOLY N

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