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Fans are Finally Able to See GOT7`s Yugyeom`s Tattoo in Full in His Recent V Live


| 10 Jul, 2018

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No more hide and seeks. 

In a recent V live broadcast GOT7's Yugyeom did on his own where he could be seen in a swimming pool enjoying some time off, fans were finally able to see his tattoo in full glory. 

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It has been circulating around since Yugyeom was seen in their practice video, with a black patch by his lower right side of his waist that the GOT7's maknae got a tattoo. Later, pictures of him in a deep cut sleeveless top proved that speculation right. 

Image Source: IndependentBAM

However, fans weren't able to see it without having anything covering until this recent broadcast happened. It has been said that Yugyeom's tattoo is of a dandelion. 

Image Source: V LIVE 'GOT7' Screenshot 

He continued on with more words for their fans in English later on. Watch the moment at the 3:09 mark in the video above! 

Source: [V LIVE] GOT7

Thumbnail Credit: pineapple

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