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Fans are Furious at This One Illegal Business Exploiting Celebrities Who are Going to Army


| 14 Mar, 2018

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The business has sparked controversies.

According to media outlet OSEN, the Korean-Chinese business is illegally taking money from innocent fans by using celebrities who are enlisting in the military. The latest target is actor Lee Minho, who is scheduled to enter the military training center on March 15th.

The business promised fans to let them walk next to the actor when he goes into the camp. One ticket is sold at KRW 500,000 (approximately USD 470), KRW 600,000 for 2-3 people (approximately USD 560), and KRW 700,000 for 4 people (approximately USD 660). Following the report, Lee Minho's label has stated, "It actually does not directly hurt the label, but the business has used Lee Minho's name. We will be taking actions."

It is also reported that it's not only Lee Minho, but many other celebrities have been targeted to be the next victim (or, basically, some might have become the victim).

Source: [Youtube] Minoz Philippines

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