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Fans are Furious with Haters Throwing Malicious Comments on iKON Junhoe`s Instagram


|  6 Feb, 2018

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iKON Junhoe's Instagram is flooded with haters' comments.

The idol has just made his personal Instagram account recently, and in no time, haters have flooded his account with malicious comments. Up until now, there is no clear reason why Junhoe receives a lot of hateful comments. Things are getting serious, as not few of them even ask the idol to suicide and leave this world. 

Image Source: Instiz

Fortunately, fans fight back the haters and they left encouraging comments to Junhoe, saying, "Don't listen to those people, Jun," "Junhoe, we love you no matter what," "We know you are special and precious, Junhoe," and more. 

What do you think about this people?

Source: [Youtube] iKON

Thumbnail Credit: iKON VOCAL 구준회

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