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Fans are Shocked to Know This 16 Years Old Male Idol Routinely Takes Medicine for His Cartilage


|  4 Jul, 2018

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He routinely takes the medicine in his young age. 

Yes, he is none other than NCT's Jisung. In a recent interview with online platform 'Lulu Lala,' the idol has shocked everyone with his confession. He was asked to reveal a secret that people are not aware of. To the question, Jisung said, "Actually, these days I take medicine for my cartilage." He then showed the medicine to the camera.

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Image Source: V LIVE '스튜디오 룰루랄라 (Studio LuluLala)'

Born in 2002, Jisung is only 16 years old (17 years old in Korean age). Many fans believe that he practiced too hard for his dance, making him has no other choices but to consume the medicine. It's definitely not a common thing for a 16-year-old boy regularly takes medicine for cartilage.

Quickly after the interview released to the public, a lot of fans have shown their concerns towards Jisung and asked SM Entertainment to make not-too-hard choreography for him in future -- needless to say, NCT is famous for their difficult and complicated dance moves. 

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@likejisung_0205,' SM Entertainment

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