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Fans are Worried as TWICE`s Jeongyeon Suddenly Broke into Tears While Recording a Radio Show


| 13 Jul, 2018

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Jeongyeon made fans worried as she burst into tears during a radio program. Out of the blue.

On July 12th, TWICE members came as the guests of SBS' 'Cultwo Show' to promote their new release, 'Dance the Night Away.' During the show, Jeongyeon was seen blank and dark, not focusing on the interview. Until one point, Jeongyeon finally could not hold back and began crying, which, of course, made everyone worried.  

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Image Source: SBS

The host even asked her, "One of the viewers is asking, 'Jeongyeon, are you sick? Why are you crying?'" On behalf of Jeongyeon, Nayeon explained, "She hadn't been feeling very well since morning but she tried her best to smile and said that she was okay." The hosts added that fans were saying it was because Jeongyeon's pet was ill. 

As you might have known, Jeongyeon is raising two dogs and a cat in her house. One of her pets, the Pomeranian named Bbosong is apparently sick. Bbosong was apparently filled with gas along with a high fever. Fortunately, it seems like Bbosong has now been discharged from the vet.

Image Source: Instagram 'bbosong_nanan_bomb' 

Source: [Youtube] SQ K-Pop

Thumbnail Credit: ODS, SBS

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