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Fans have Finally Been Able to Make Their Own Dream Concert... Through This Hallyu Platform


| 13 Apr, 2018

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Fans all around the world have now been able to take part in planning K-pop concerts.

Many times, fans cannot take an active participation in planning a concert -- fans will only be able to wait for the official announcement and decide whether or not they want to go to the offered concert. Especially for international fans, it is frustrating to long for the rare K-pop concert held in the country. However, the problem has now been solved by this one platform.

The platform is called KStarCoin. With this cryptocurrency, fans can now join forces to make concerts and/or fan meeting of idols in their own country. 

Image Source: SMTOWN

Apart from concerts, with KStarCoin, fans will be also able to purchase Korean goods such as cosmetics, fashion items, goods, and more. On top of that, KStarCoin will also enable fans to easily send birthday / supporting gifts, food or coffee truck to their favorites.

You can get KStarCoin from KStarLive's fan community, exchanges, and peer-to-peer transactions. Find out More about KStarCoin here!

Official Site▶ http://kstarcoin.io

Telegram▶ http://ksc.telegram.ෆ.com

Bounty Program▶ http://ksc.bounty.ෆ.com

Source: [Youtube] KStarLive.com

Thumbnail Credit: Jennie Avenue, THE KNOCK, redvelvetupdates.com, Chords in Melody

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