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Fans of Lee Dongwook are NOT Happy at How Netizens Sexually Tease the Actor


| 20 Oct, 2017

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Lee Dongwook is suffering from sexual harassment.

The actor once visited Paris Fashion Week for attending luxury brand Givenchy's fashion show, and of course, photos of him at the event circulating online. While most fans praise him for his clean dandy look, several Netizens spotted something else behind his tight tailored pants. 

Image Source: Huffpost

Image Source: Facebook '여자들이 좋아하는 모든것' Screenshot

On one online community on Facebook, Netizens tease him for something 19+. Several comments found for Lee Dongwook's photo read, "It looks like he took his selfie stick with him to Paris", "Wow his stick is big", "There is Goblin inside his pants", and more. Needless to say, Lee Dongwook's are not happy for this and they asked his agency to take legal actions. However, no any official statement has been made for this. 

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Source: [Youtube] people_in_pfw

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