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Fans of VIXX Made the Most Hilarious Banner for the Boys Ever... You will Get Stomachache from Laughing


| 21 Aug, 2018

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STARLIGHTs have their best way to support VIXX.

On August 20th, the boy group came to Goyang Indoor Stadium to film the '2018 Idol Star Athletics Championship.' Along with the boys, fans also visit the venue to watch them in person and supported them for the long-and-tiring filming process. Fans brought a banner for the boys, and, regardless you are a fan of VIXX or not, you will love their idea. 

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Image Source: Instagram '@ravithecrackkidz'

Image Source: Twitter '@GUNMOOLJOO'

In the banner, there is a cartoon with the words, "You will have a healthy heart if you don't see VIXX who are sexy, but there's no point to living long."

Image Source: MBN

It turned out that the idea came from one of the MBN's 'Gourmet Club' episodes, where Ravi came as the guest. The original words are, "You will live long if you stay away from beef and flour, but there's no point to living long."

How do you like the idea, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] RealVIXX

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz, Instagram '@ravithecrackkidz'

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