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Fans went Wild with Their Scream when Irene was Shown on Screen and Here`s What She Did to Get Them to Clam Down


| 21 Sep, 2018

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Everyone had to scream, because it’s Irene’s visual we are talking about here. 

Red Velvet was in Bangkok, Thailand for their ‘Red Mare’ concert show in the country recently and as excited as they are the girls gave them a promising show too. Fans were sure passionate about the girls’ presence in their country that a little commotion happened during their talk.

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The members were giving their greetings when the screen showed Irene as it was her turn to talk at that moment. However, the leader was not able to utter a word at all because the venue lost control with fans screaming the moment they saw Irene on the big screen. 

Image Source: baeb i329

Irene had to put a finger on her mouth and gave a ‘hush’ before their fans knew they had to calm down for her to speak. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 레드벨벳 웃토 2

Thumbnail Credit: Girl Red Room, B-329

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