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Fans were Able to Totally Empathize with Lee Jongsuk`s Recent Post of Him Not Wanting to Go on Diet


|  1 Dec, 2018

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Like all of us, diet is no favorite of Lee Jongsuk too.

The actor who is currently in the midst of filming for his upcoming drama has been updating fans about his whereabouts so that they will be able to still 'see' him despite him being off screen for quite some time. Recently, the actor brought laughter to his followers and it was one that everyone could feel the same for. 

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The actor posted a series of pictures of him in front of a feast with him happily munching on a piece of pizza, smiling for the camera, enjoying his meal a lot. 

The caption he wrote was "Rest day. I don't want to go on diet..." and fans left comments going, "That's me talking," "You don't have to..." and "Eat a lot!" 

Do you feel the same too?

Source: [Youtube] teukche08 & [Instagram] jongsuk0206

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'jongsuk0206'

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