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Featured Crush in His Title Track, SHINee`s Key Shared What was Tough for Him When Filming His MV with Crush


|  1 Dec, 2018

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There was this one thing Key found difficult during his music video filming with Crush. 

SHINee's Key has recently made his solo debut with his full album titled, 'FACE' with its title track, 'One of Those Nights.' His title track has Crush featured on it to add colors to the song and the singer also appeared in the music video too. Following the release of the music video, the music video making film was being released which included an on-set interview between the two.

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In the interview, Key shared that "With Crush walking beside me, it was tough for me to act as if he wasn't there. Since it's a duet, to be acting as if he is someone I don't know is a little... I can't help but keep looking towards him."

Image Source: Youtube '!t Live' Screenshot 

On the other hand, Crush shared what was tough on his side. He shared, "Everything was okay during the train scene, I needed to give an expression acting with me feeling depressed on my own but it was a situation where everyone was all excited and laughing so it was kinda hard for me to hold in my laughter." 

Image Source: Youtube '!t Live' Screenshot 

Watch the making film in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] !t Live

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'SMTOWN' Screenshot, keysyou 

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