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Fell for a Secret Camera, iKON`s Yunhyeong Took It out on Bobby... Who was So Close to Go Bald


| 12 Jun, 2018

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Bobby happened to be at the wrong position at the wrong time. 

In an episode of 'iKON TV,' a series of secret camera test took place for every member and Yunhyeong was the last member up for it. 

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Fights would occur between the members and Yunhyeong who is one of the oldest among them could be seen trying his best in cooling and amending things when that happens. At the last part of the prank, the members started holding hands before Bobby lifted Yunhyeong on his shoulders. 

Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

Yunhyeong who just had the fact that he was fooled slowly sipping into him, grabbed onto Bobby's hair as tightly as the amount of frustration that was building up in him and the younger could only be heard shouting for the older to stop. 

Watch the moment at the 9:34 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] iKON

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